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Mysteries of Money & Banking

People tend to shroud the topic of money in a cloak of mystery. This presentation unravels some of those mysteries.

The topics of money, and the banking system that handles money, contain no mysteries outside of those created by people who allegedly study money and banking. I have created a Prezi presentation that addresses a few of the mysteries (or myths) that have developed around the topic of money and the banking system.

This Prezi walks through many of the fundamentals of money and banking in the hope of lifting the mystery the clouds the thinking of many people who discuss the topic. This "Prezi-tation" provides an introduction to some basic concepts dealing with money and banking. It precedes and supplements other presentations on this subject.

To begin the presentation click "Present" in the center of the presentation..

After the presentation has begun, you can back up any time by clicking the left arrow, and you can activate a full screen mode—for better viewing—by clicking "Fullscreen" icon in the lower right corner of the Prezi frame.

A Large Presentation

This graphic presentation will not fit on smaller screens. Please return to this page on a larger monitor to see that exlpanation.