Money Matters Presentation
Money Matters
The Importance of Money and Banking to You

Many people do not understand the the nature, source, and role of money in our society. This presentation covers some of the most important details about money and the banking system that creates money.

The best way, if possible, to learn about a subject consists of having some experience with the subject. For that reason, this presentation, unlike many discussions about money, starts and ends with .

Introduction To Money Matters

I have developed this web presentation, "Money Matters," in conjunction with material I presented to the meeting of an economics club. You may consider this presentation as a work in progress. I will make changes and updates as I find the need and as I receive comments from visitors.


To maintain the continuity of the presentation you should work your way through this material from beginning to end. Each page builds on information presented in prior pages; so skipping around might cause you a bit of confusion. Most of the time you should advance from page to page by clicking the Forward buttons found at the bottom of each page. On the summary page for each section you will find a link to the next section.

Because of the volume of information presented here I have designed the navigation so that you can stop at any point along the way and return later or you can return to previous pages for clarification. You will find a drop-down navigation bar near the top of each page.

I re-emphasize that, during your first viewing of this material, you resist the temptation to jump from page to page out of sequence.


I want to improve this material and make it clear to readers of all levels of knowledge (you all use money), so I encourage you to send me comments. You can send me an e-mail by clicking on the e-mail link at the bottom of each page.

Now, learn about the Importance of Money.