Logical Errors

Map of Logical Errors


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logicalerrors image Logical Errors Logical Dodges Faulty Premises Logical Fallacies Faulty Arguments Factual Errors Missleading Terms Cause & Effect Relevance Begging The Question Red Herring Personal Attack Trick Question False Analogy Absurdity Special Immunity Incorrect Facts Weak Facts The Big Lie Irrelevant Data Suggestion Epithets Euphemism Misleading Metaphor Word Magic Personification Either Or Equivocation Double Standard Post Hoc Ergo Procter Hoc False Cause False Dependence False Correlation Over Simplification Rationalization Unwarranted Generalization Misused Truism Stereotyping Misuse Of Statistics Appeal To Authority Appeal To Consensus Mob Appeal Snob Appeal Appeal To Ignorance Appeal To Emotion Appeal To Ego

Adapted from Albrecht, Karl. Brain Power. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1980.