System Dynamics

System dynamics provides a disciplined way to graphically represent dynamic systems and create graphic models derived from those representations.

System Dynamics, a method designed by Jay Forrester, provides an excellent tool for understanding highly complex system. I will provide in this section some instruction on the practice and use of system dynamics in the study of economics.

I must caution the reader that no form of modeling can accurately depict a national economy. I advocate the use of this modeling system only to demonstrate the interactions in sound economic theory.

Jay Forrester

Jay Forrester
Developer of System Dynamics

Graphic Introduction to System Dynamics

The practice of Systems Thinking requires the use of tools to assist the brain to move beyond its limited capabilities. This graphic presentation introduces one of the more important tools for Systems Thinking: System Dynamics.

Introduction to System Dynamics Using Insight Maker

A simple model of a water reservoir to introduce you to System Dynamics models online with Insight Maker.